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Well this place is about my own little personal reviews on all the stuff that I own, borrow, use, like, love and hate. I review many, many things, from consumer electronics to appliances to all kind of tools to robots. I started doing this about a year ago, when the check engine light on my Chevy came on and I wanted to find one of them OBD-II scan tools to check and diagnose the car before I actually took it to the shop. Most people know how expensive those diagnosis can get. And that’s without adding the repair cost. I did what most people will do, I googled it,.. And as expected, I got a boat load of search results and after viewing all the results I still wasn’t sure about which one to pick.

Eventually I decided on the most expensive one I could find, after all I just wanted to know the severity of the problem, to be able to approach it accordingly. I went out to Walmart and bought it and used it to check my car. I mentioned the whole check engine light situation to a co-worker, and he told me he had one of those scan tools at home, so I asked to borrow it and then checked my car again. Although the diagnosis results was the same on both devices, the one I had borrowed from Josh was easier to read and understand, it had more features, and come to find out. It was cheaper, about $20.00 less than the one I had bought, and he didn’t even have to burn any gas going to the store to get it, he bought it online.

That’s when I thought about creating a place where people can go to and review a product before they actually go out there buy it and probably miss out on a better deal. But the main purpose of this site, is to save you money and time. Oh, All my car needed was a gas cap!. Anyway, look around this site and read honest, no BS reviews on some of the most popular products, and on some of the obscured ones too.

I’m all about sharing my opinion with others, therefor you are more than welcome to share your own reviews on any of the products I’ve reviewed. Just leave me a comment on the comment box below, and I will gladly post it on the review. And I Thank you in advance. But be aware I don’t like spammers, no one does. Please don’t spam.

You can take a look at all the products I’ve reviewed so far by clicking on the Product Reviews tab or by clicking here.



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