Fix a Flat Tire in Less Than 15 Minutes

The Slime 40022 Digital Compressor beats other bigger loud, rumbling old compressors. This air compressor is lightweight, very easy to use, fast and incredibly quiet. As soon as you plug it in and attach it to the tire valve. It will give you the current pressure reading. Then, continue to set the pressure you want. Then you … Click Here to Continue reading

Find Out Why is The Check Engine Light On With The OBDLink SX 2.0 OBD-II Scan Tool by ScanTool

I wanted to find out why is the check engine light on. When I had the check engine light come on my 2009 Chevy Aveo, and needless to say,  I freaked out, because for one,.. The car was only a year old back then, it only had 30,000 miles on … Click Here to Continue reading

Fix a Car Dent Yourself With The Dent Out Repair Kit

When I first saw my little Chevy work of beauty from a local used car dealer, it was like love at first sight, I liked everything about the little cutie. I liked the way looked parked there, I liked the way it handled when I test drove it, I liked how … Click Here to Continue reading

Slime COMP06 Pro Power Heavy-Duty Tire Inflator

I had been using the Slime 40022 Digital Compressor for a very long time, however I needed something with more power and speed, and I had to come to this conclusion the hard way. See the Slime 400022 is a very handy compressor, however it only has a fairly moderate … Click Here to Continue reading