Best Flea Treatment For Dogs

Best Flea Treatment For Dogs

What is the best flea treatment for dogs? I came to ask myself that very question last Best Flea Treatment For Dogssummer, when my dog became infested with those nasty, ruthless, parasites. I hate fleas, they harm my little pooper (that’s how I call my 9 year old Schnauzer/Min Pin mix) and if they become an epidemic, they will also annoy and harm humans. See, your dog when infested with fleas will only carry about 10% of the adult fleas on his body, the other 90% of those fleas and I’m also talking about the flea eggs, pupa, larvae and some more those adult fleas, they  live in your living areas including your carpet, your pet bed and if he sleeps in your bed, well you get the idea. Some very nasty stuff. There is something you need to know about fleas in order to be able to eradicate them completely. Fleas have four life stage cycle. The egg, larva, pupa, and adult stage. Bellow, we’ll dig deep into this stages so you can have a clear understanding on how they come to be, and therefore you’ll learn how to get rid of them, for good.

First Stage: The EGG

First the adult female flea will lay the egg on the host (A.K.A. Your pet) and by the way, these adult fleas can lay up to 50 eggs a day, you do the math over an extended period of time. Then it will take the flea egg from a few days to a few weeks to hatch, it all depends on the environmental conditions.  Fleas love warm, and moist climates, that’s why you’ll notice more fleas on your dog during the warm season. Anyway, once that egg hatches a nasty, larva pops out.

Second Stage: The LARVA

This nasty semi-transparent white parasites, have small hairs all over their nasty, little bodies and can move all over the place. They feed on the feces of adult fleas and that will be. You guessed it, dried blood as well as other organic trash laying around in your carpet, bed and outside in the yard. The more organic trash around your carpet, bedding and all around, the better for the larva. The flea can stay at this stage from 5 to 18 days then the larva goes to work and creates a cocoon and then that cocoon becomes the pupa. 

Third Stage: The PUPA

And this stage will be the very last stage before you get the annoying adults crawling and biting all over your dog,  and crawling on your carpet and if it gets that bad, your skin too. It will take the adult flea from 3 to 5 days to come out of the cocoon and sometimes it could take up to a year for this to happen. Again, this all depends on the climate factor, the warmer and the more humid it is, the better it will be for the adult flea to pop out of that pupa. And then the adult blood sucker comes out and everything just takes a turn for the worst for everyone involved. And that brings us back to the beginning of the cycle, the adult flea.

Fourth Stage: The ADULT 

The adult blood sucking flea is very flat and it can jump vertically up to 7 inches and horizontally up to 13 inches. They have bristles all over their nasty, little bodies and legs to adult flea in dogshelp them move through and around your pet’s hair. They have 3 pairs of legs, the back pair are for doing all the jumping. Adult fleas like it better when they’re on your dog because they have an unlimited supply of blood meals. Well there you have it, after the adult flea is hatched the whole life cycle starts all over again. Bellow, I will let you in on the secret to the best flea treatment for dogs that I used to completely get rid of this pesky parasites, in four easy steps.

Best Flea Treatment For Dogs: In Four Easy Steps

And now you see why getting rid of those fleas is so difficult, because of the complex life cycle in a flea’s life. Now I said difficult, not impossible. If done correctly you can get completely rid of this nasty, annoying, very fertile, parasites. Follow the best flea treatment for dogs and you will be able to do just that.

First step,

You have to give your dog a bath with a good flea shampoo. Now you have to understand that a flea shampoo by itself will not get rid of all the fleas permanently, this is only a short term solution and most flea shampoos leave only a small amount of chemical on the dog, not long enough to keep your dog free of fleas permanently. But bathing your dog regularly should help, you should at least bathe your dog once a week. The chemical residue on most of this flea shampoos will only stay on your dog for maybe a day or so. See most flea shampoos are designed to only kill the adult fleas and not the eggs, remember the flea cycle mentioned above, so you have to get a flea shampoo that not only kills the adult fleas, but also the eggs.

I tried everything from flea dips to spot-on treatments (be very careful with the spot-on treatments on older dogs, this treatment made my 9 year old mixed breed very sick, however it did work on keeping the fleas off of my dog.) and nothing really seemed to work, mainly because I was going about it the totally wrong way and secondly because I was doing everything randomly without a specific plan of action. It was only after I realized that to get rid of the fleas, you have to treat not only your infested pet, but also your home.

Second step

Is, to get your dog an oral medication. When you’re battling the fleas off of your pet, a flea shampoo alone will not do the trick. You have to use a way more effective and kind of intrusive way to kill them suckers, one of this effective and kind of intrusive methods is an oral medication, you don’t need a prescription to get this pill, the one I used was Capstar flea treatment for dogs and what this pill will do is, once you give it to your dog the active ingredients in the pill will get into the dog’s bloodstream and basically poison the fleas that while they snack on your dog’s blood. Now Capstar is not a kill all remedy, you still need to have some kind of long term plan to keep your pet free of fleas. This flea treatment for dogs kills most adult fleas for a 24 hour period and it will only kill most of the adult fleas, and not the eggs, larva or pupa.

Therefore you need to at least get more than 3 pills and give them to your dog for a few days in a row, this is only the second step in this process, you will need to do other very simple things to get rid of them parasites for good. Make sure you pick the right pill for your dog’s weight. You can get them for dogs under 25lbs., over 25lbs., And for dogs and cats from 2 to 25lbs. Again this is only a way to get your flea treatment for your dog started and it is not meant to be a long term treatment, you should always try other ongoing longer lasting preventive measures. More about that below.

Third Step, 

You have to treat your home as well, remember that 90% of the Adult fleas, eggs, larva and pupa live in your living areas your carpet, pet’s bed, your bed and also your yard. Therefore the next step is to treat those areas.

Next, get you a good fogger The one I used was the Siphotrol Plus Fogger and it worked great. Go ahead and fogg the heck out of all the rooms your pet goes into in your home, make sure you get a fogger that not only kills adult fleas but also hatching flea eggs, and ticks, the Siphotrol Plus fogger those just that. You have to make sure that you don’t leave any open food laying around before you do this, you might want to store all this stuff inside the fridge, including your pet’s bowls of dry food and water.

Of course you have to also make sure that your family and your pets are out of the house when you activate one of these bad boys, and you should stay out of the house for at least 2 hours. You also need to treat the yard. Get a good insecticide and spray your yard thoroughly with it, I would recommend you get an insecticide that’s also safe to use as a dog dip. Something like Natural Pyrethrin Concentrate Insecticide or Dog dip. And after all the fog clears out and everything looks dry, you can come in and clean all the surfaces around your home. Make sure to wash any toys or items that your kids or your pets might put in their mouth.

The Fourth

And last step in this best flea treatment for dogs endeavor is, you need to first throw that pet bed in the washing machine, along with the blanky, fluffy squeaky toys, all removable furniture covers and if your pet sleeps with you, you have to get your bed sheets and comforters in there as well. Wash all that good stuff with hot water and a good clothes detergent. Now is very important to vacuum your carpet thoroughly after you follow the last step and you should also vacuum regularly, because this will pick up any live adult flea, egg, larvae and pupa that might still linger around.

Preventive Measures

As I mentioned above, it is very important to give your dog a bath at least once a week, and vacuum your carpet regularly, but in order to keep your dog as free from fleas as flea preventive measurespossible you should also use some type of preventative, longer lasting measure. There are some good non-prescription, monthly, oral flea preventative for dogs that do a better, longer term job than Capstar. For this I recommend using something like Novartis Program for dogs, and although Program does not kill the biting adult fleas it keeps the fleas from reproducing any further and it also prevents the eggs from hatching and that will definitely stop the flea life cycle. I also recommend bathing your dog with this people bath oil that’s made by Avon it’s called, Skin So Soft. I’ve been using it on my dog and on myself as well, fleas do not like this stuff plus it makes your dog smell awesome!.. I hope this best flea treatment for dogs article, helps you get rid of those nasty parasites so that your pet can be happy at last.

I have a really cool and very useful tool on this site, called the FREE, 90% off deal finder tool. Feel free to use it when you are ready to try the best flea treatment for dogs that I’ve shown you above and get some of the stuff I’ve recommended to use. I guarantee you will love this tool, I do!

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