The Anviz L100 Fingerprint Biometric Door Lock Fingerprint Reader Door Lock

I wanted to talk about this thing, because I think every home should have one. I’m talking about this awesome gadget. The Anviz L100 Fingerprint Biometric Door Lock Fingerprint Reader Door Lock. This biometric reader, is a single latch door lock with fingerprint authentication technology. Which means that only authorized users will be able to open the lock, just by touching the biometric reader with their finger. This awesome fingerprint door lock replaces your old door lock and key with a fingerprint sensor which recognizes who is who and who is not who.

All you have to do, to get this thing working is register your fingerprint, in a few easy steps and then after that, all you do is scan your fingerprint to unlock the door. It’s very easy! This biometric reader, fingerprint door lock also comes with an RFID Key-tag entry system so you’ll also get a unique programmable RFID badge or key-tag. To open the lock, all you do is pass the RFID badge or key-tag near the lock, and the lock opens instantly.

And if you need it, this biometric reader comes with a set of backup Keys for emergency entry, this biometric reader is powered by 4 triple A batteries, so in the case the batteries die out before you get to replace them, the Anviz L100 is Anviz Fingerprint Biometric Door Lockequipped with a 9V battery connector on the outside, all you have to do is connect a 9V battery to the connector and  the power will be instantly restored to the lock. And if like me you don’t have a 9V battery laying around on the patio, it also comes with a set of backup Keys. In my job, I’m constantly getting small cuts on my fingers and sometimes I even get dry glue on them, and I’ve only had trouble with this biometric reader reading my fingerprints only ones.

I had to use the back up key. But then, I registered all the fingers on my hand, and I never had that problem again, cause if it doesn’t read the main finger, you can always use another finger you’ve registered. Installation is very simple and you won’t need to modify your existing door, as long as it is a standard US door with an existing single, tubular hole. You can register up to 200 fingerprints with this biometric reader, fingerprint door lock. I’ve seen other biometric locks and they don’t offer user management flexibility, with those other readers if you need to delete any fingerprints you’ll have to do a complete device reset.

The Anviz L100 Fingerprint Biometric Door Lock Fingerprint Reader Door Lock  is made using a high impact lock body with a state of the art nanotechnology surface and high quality steel construction. And you can tell when you touch the biometric reader it feels very well made and it looks great too. The outer body will not rust out, fade out or chip. This biometric reader comes with a complete 1 Year Warranty. I always wanted to have one of this because I can be the biggest geek there is. Overall, I will highly recommend this biometric reader, fingerprint door lock. This thing defines the meaning of keyless entry. I give it thumbs up.


You won’t need to struggle to get your keys out of your pocket of purse while juggling grocery bags ever again. Been there, done that.

There’s no need to ask your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend to give you the spare house keys back, when you kick them out of the house. LOL.

If like me, you constantly get minor cuts on your fingers. To avoid having to use the back up key or the RFID Key-tag, all you do is take advantage of the  multi user feature and register each one of your fingers on both of your hands, so if one of the fingers fails to read, you can always use another finger. And you’ll still have 191 users left.

It’s one of the cheapest biometric reader, fingerprint door locks out there, it stands up to any high priced fingerprint door lock in the market and you’ll get a great lock.


Multiple screws became bald after normal hand tightening with a screwdriver. The screws are too long for standard doors.


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