BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller

BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller

I got the BOB Revolution SE Single stroller for my 2 year old, I’m not a fitness freak by any means; however I’ve been watching what I eat and exercising lately, and I have to say, it BOB Revolution SE Single Strollerfeels pretty good. I’ve been noticing muscles that I didn’t even know I had, so I figured that I should do some walking and running as well. I started running regularly about three weeks ago and of course when I’m with my kid I can’t leave my buddy behind. I tried using a regular stroller when I first started running but that stroller was not cutting it, I couldn’t keep it stable and my feet kept hitting it so I had to get something better. And let me tell you, This BOB Revolution SE single stroller is the best thing I could have gotten for that. It’s got a pivoting front wheel so taking sharp turns it’s very easy to do, this pivoting wheel also helps to run through smooth surfaces.

The front wheel on the BOB Revolution SE Single stroller fully rotates and it’s a breeze to maneuver the stroller, I can lock the pivoting front wheel in a forward position to get the stroller a lot more stable when I get into rough terrain when I go strolling off the road. All you have to do to get it from the jog position into the walk position is switch the red knob on the front wheel and that allows you to easily switch between the two positions. It’s got two rear wheels that come with a quick release lever, so you can take them all off if you need to and they are very wide and sturdy this rear wheels are inflatable just like your ordinary bicycle tires, so having a flat tire is a possibility.

The BOB Revolution SE Single stroller comes with a light frame made of aluminum alloy so I don’t have to push more than my kid’s weight, it also comes with a suspension system and that’s one of my favorite features on this stroller because it feels very smooth and comfortable when we run through bumps or rocks. The suspension system has two-position shock absorbers, one position make the shock absorbers more sturdy and the second position makes them more bouncy.

My kid has a blast when we go running with the BOB Revolution SE Single stroller. The part I’m sure my kiddo likes the most, is the padded, adjustable, reclining seat that can be tilted back to 70 degrees from a vertical position, because sometimes he goes straight to sleep right in the middle of our run. It has an adjustable, multi-position canopy with a large viewing window. It comes with an accessory adapter so you can attach the BOB Infant Car Seat Adapter or other car seats, by the way the car seat doesn’t come with it you’ll have to get that.

The harness on the BOB Revolution SE Single stroller is a five-point padded harness with fasteners that are tightened by pull rings and you can also fasten the harness easily. It’s got a rear-wheel brake system with that Off road stroller  you can engage with your foot. Something else I enjoy about the BOB Revolution SE single stroller is very easy to fold, it was designed in a two-step fold I can basically fold it with one hand all you do is pull a red handle to lift the stroller into the open position and then to close it, all you do is push two levers on the top forward and the stroller easily collapses. The fabric is stain resistant, I know cause my kid has spilled a wide array of stuff on the stroller seat and I’ve been able to wipe it clean. It’s got two interior pockets, a another pocket on the back of the seat, and a hanging basket underneath the BOB Revolution SE Single stroller.

I keep my kid’s snacks and sippy cup in the interior packet so he can get them without me having to stop to get them for him. The BOB Revolution SE single stroller can carry a child up to 70 lbs. Even though I like it because it works very well when me and my kid go jogging or running off the road, it weights 25 lbs. It’s pretty heavy, so taking it in and out of a trunk of a car on a regular basis to me it’s out of the question.

I don’t recommend the BOB Revolution SE Single stroller for everyday use. But for running, walking, jogging and off roading. I give it thumbs up. I have a really cool and very useful tool on this site, called the FREE, 90% off deal finder tool. Feel free to use it when you are ready to get this BOB Revolution SE single stroller. I guarantee you will love it, I do!

What Others Are Saying About: The BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller


5.0 out of 5 stars Amaaaaazing,March 17, 2011

By Jammie (San Diego, Ca)
Amazon Verified Purchase

I have had my eye on the BOB stroller for quite awhile now, but just didnt know if it was feasible enough to spend all that $$$$$…well it is!!!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this stroller, it rolls like a dream! Before this stroller, I was using a Baby Trend Expedition, which does the job, but just wasn’t the cadillac I wanted. The great points about this stroller are the sun shade, the ability to turn on a dime, my little man has plenty of room to grow and he LOVES going out on walks. If you are not a jogger this stroller is…..Click Here To Read More


5.0 out of 5 stars Absolutely Amazing Stroller!,April 10, 2011

By Claire Rogers “Claire Rogers”
This review is from: BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller, Black (Baby Product)

I recently purchased and have been nothing short of amazed by the quality of this stroller, as well as the ease of use. It’s very lightweight by all standards for a jogging stroller. The manuverability is amazing – it turns on a dime, easily pushes with one hand & glides smoothly across smooth pavement and gravel roads alike. The canopy is great for sunny days – you can open it fully practically covering the child completely or you can open it halfway or fully. The various options allow you to…..Click Here To Read More



3.0 out of 5 stars New not really improved,May 2, 2011

By PghYinzer “more of myself after winter” (Pittsburgh, PA United States)
This review is from: BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller, Black (Baby Product)

Changing and updating my review because ultimately I have decided to go with the old model of the Bob. I have had a 2011 in plum, a 2010 in mesa orange, a 2007 in mesa orange, and a 2008 dualie in mesa orange. The dualie I have had the longest, since it was….Click Here To Read More


3.0 out of 5 stars Overrated stroller, but it is functional,June 14, 2012

By Champ Camp (Lakeville, MN USA)
Amazon Verified Purchase
This review is from: BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller, Navy (Baby Product)

I am an avid runner and after so many stellar reviews about BOB strollers I decided without test driving any to put a jogging stroller on my birthday list. My husband purchased this for me off Amazon and it was on sale, which certainly helps my opinion of the stroller. However, I am overall quite disappointed with the BOB Revolution, although….Click Here To Read More


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