Bond Y98881 Ashboro 33 inch Zen Fountain

Bond Y98881 Ashboro Zen fountain

The astonishing Bond Y98881 Ashboro 33 inch Zen Fountain measures just 33 inches tall, the lights on this fountain look really good at night when I turn them on I especially liked that there Zen Fountainis a separate plug for the lights which makes it easy to have the lights plugged into a timer so that they come on only when it gets dark.

All you have to do to experience Zen in your home is add water and plug it in the power outlet. You can put this fountain anywhere you want, inside your home as well as outside, in the patio. This fountain is artistically designed to look like four basins that overflow onto one another,where the water slowly flows into one basin, and then next basin and on until it reaches the bottom, larger basin..

The whole fountain sits on a square base filled with water. The Bond Y98881 Ashboro 33 inch Zen Fountain is made of a stone-like finish, with copper colored spouts.

I have been working on making my outdoor living area especially my patio, a more pleasurable area to hang out with friends and family. So when I saw this Bond Y98881 Ashboro 33 inch Zen Fountain, I was delighted because I knew it would add the serenity factor that I was looking for my patio, and it did.

When you turn this fountain on and listen to the water flow, it just forces you to relax. I’ve found myself falling asleep plenty of times. Although some people might find the water flow noise a bit loud, but I don’t. I really enjoy it.

Zen fanatics believe that these fountain characteristics assist in balancing energy and nurture harmony at home or wherever they are brought into. A Zen fountain can bring life and enlightenment to a dead living space. some folks also use them to make odd or empty spaces, that are inadequate for anything else, like furniture for instance, instantly stand out.

A serene Zen fountain can relax you and also serve as a beautifying feature. There are many experienced craftsmen nowadays specializing in the skill of stone cutting particularly for making Zen fountains. The Bond Y98881 Ashboro 33 inch Zen Fountain is build in layers with open spaces between the stone floors.

The stones are layered in a free-form style to make the lights very much, visible between the floors to serve as a central point to any space. The Bond Y98881 Ashboro 33 inch Zen Fountain is designed to bring harmony and peace into your life and home, or maybe just help you fall asleep faster, either way a Zen fountain is a great way to sit back and relax, you can also add a stone fire pit to complete the serenity of a zen garden. I give it thumbs up.


Blending old and new, this exceptional design couples an antiqued, stone-like finish with distinctively modern angles. Its square basins are staggered and stacked on top of one another, with water flowing from top to bottom through shimmering, copper-colored spouts. Soft lights within each basin lend a soft glow to the water.


  • lighted
  • stone-like finish
  • 33 inches tall
  • copper colored spouts
Bond Y98881 Ashboro 33 inch Zen Fountain

List Price: $ 279.99

Current Price: $ 189.99

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