Fix a Car Dent Yourself With The Dent Out Repair Kit

When I first saw my little Chevy work of beauty from a local used car dealer, it was like love at first sight, Dent out cross bar kitI liked everything about the little cutie. I liked the way looked parked there, I liked the way it handled when I test drove it, I liked how comfortable the inside felt, I loved the fact that I was going to save lots of mullah in gas, it only had 35,000 miles on it and best of all, I loved the price and the warranty. After all the talks and the eye balling at the car and just as I was about to walk into the dealership with the salesman to finalize this sale, I noticed something I didn’t like on the hood of the car.

I noticed the car had a pretty big dent on the top of the hood, so I asked the salesman about it and he told me that the people that traded the car in, were a couple with two kids and another one on the way so they needed a bigger car, and the dent was caused by one of the kids standing and probably jumping on top of the hood, and he also said that the car was being sold as-is. But I was getting a good deal for the car so I thought it wasn’t gonna be much to get the dent fixed.

Well I bought the little beauty and went straight to the nearest auto body shop, to see how much it would cost me to get this little eye sore removed. Come to find out because the dent was on top of the hood, they told me it was going to cost me a bit more to get it repaired. The estimate came up to $185. 00 Needless to say and being how I am, (frugal) I had to look for a cheaper alternative to get the dent fixed, that’s when I came across, the  Dent Out Cross Bar Ding Repair Kit.

I got it, followed the instructions and pulled that dent out myself. It was so easy even a child could have done it, all you do is align the arched bridge on the dent and without any sticky, messy residue simply stick, twist, and the ding is gone. So for about $36.95 I got rid of the dent and I did it in a matter ofDent out cross bar kit minutes, it comes with 12 temperature sensitive adhesive sticks, it says that with those 12 adhesive sticks you could remove 25 dents. This is a very good, cheap and paint less dent repair. You can fix a car dent yourself with this dent and ding repair kit, It sure beats paying $185.00 and having to leave my car in the repair shop. For that I give it thumbs up.


All you basically do is: take one of the adhesive sticks put a drop of the adhesive compound on the black, thick end of the stick, then you have to place the stick in an upward position right in the middle of the dent, then you put the black cross bar over the stick and then just tighten the wing nut until the dent pops out. This dent repair kit will pop out dents of various sizes, however if the dent is bigger then the crossbar then, it might take a few tries.



It removes about 90% of a vertical dent. It is better at removing circular dents than vertical dents.

The actual dent removal is fast, cleaning the glue from the rubber pulling nib afterwards is difficult, even after applying the release agent.

It might require a few tries to get a bigger dent completely removed.

Overall, the Dent Out Cross Bar Ding Repair Kit, did the job for me at a fairly good price, I saved myself about $150.00, go check it out.

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