Fix a Flat Tire in Less Than 15 Minutes

The Slime 40022 Digital Compressor beats other bigger loud, rumbling old compressors. This air compressor is lightweight, very easy to use, fast and incredibly quiet. As soon as you plug it in and attach Slime 40022 Digital Compressorit to the tire valve.

It will give you the current pressure reading. Then, continue to set the pressure you want. Then you press the power button and the pressure reading increases as the tire inflates.

When it reaches the pressure setting you chose, it shuts itself off when it’s done. It will take less than 30 seconds to raise the tire pressure. I went ahead and checked the reading using another tire gauge, and it was right.

You can store the hose and power cord inside the unit, and that’s very convenient, no messy hoses and power cords to deal with.

I’ve been having a good experience with this little air compressor for about 7 months, I haven’t had any issues as far as performance and reliability goes. I first used the Slime tire compressor one morning as I was heading out to work, my tire was completely flat.

I knew if I called AAA, it would take them awhile to get to my car and I would be late for work, so I had to take matters into my own hands. After locating the source of the flat- a nail, I pulled it out with a set of pliers, then I cranked up the the car and rolled the tire to cover the hole, then I pumped some Slime Tubeless Automotive

Tire Sealant into the tire, replaced the tire valve cap, I followed the instructions for the tire sealant and then I grabbed the Slime compressor and started filling the tire with the precious air. In all, I was able to fix a flat tire in less than 15 minutes and get on my way to work. Go ahead and read the pros and cons for this product. For about $28.98 it will be worth your money and time.


The Pros

Very low priced. It’s got as many feature as the higher priced air compressors in the market right now.
It’s got a screw on valve attachment. It makes more compact and compatible with a bigger variety of tires.
It features a digital pressure gauge with an LCD display that shows the current pressure of your tire in PSI.
With an automatic shutoff feature. You set the desired tire pressure, activate the device and it will shut off automatically when the selected tire pressure is achieved, so that you don’t have to babysit the device while it inflates your tires.


The Cons

One of the cons is that it can’t plug into a standard wall outlet, you can only use the 12 volt cigarette lighter plug and plug it into your vehicle. That’s a great thing if you’re keeping the digital air compressor in the trunk of your car for roadside emergency use, but if you want to plug it into a wall outlet inside your garage, you can’t.

Not as fast as the gas station pump. But fast enough for me. You can expect to spend 2 to 6 minutes per tire depending on how fast your are connecting and disconnecting and how low your tires are.

Don’t be left out in the cold or the rain waiting for AAA to come save you, when you can get it fixed yourself, faster with this little giant. And for this price you can’t go wrong. Go get it.

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5 Responses to Fix a Flat Tire in Less Than 15 Minutes

  1. Daniela says:

    Quick delivery and a nice set of material. I could not, however, get the tire patching material to work. I removed a good size screw from my tire, used the provided reamer and then tried to insert the plug. I am strong enough to do most heavy labor but I could not push the plug through into the hole. It, and the provided hook was just too wide. So, I lost an hour and just took it to a tire shop. In the past, I have done this successfully with other kits where the tool is more like a needle and the plug is thinner, but just could not manage with this one.

    • Sol P. says:

      I’m sorry you had problems with this one, I haven’t had any problems so far I’ve used it twice without any incidents, and I’m not very physical at all.

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  4. Rawan says:

    I’ve got a 1500 psi (don’t know what that is in bar ) which does the job very well. For cleaning large areas of cotercne/patio slabs I would go for a higher psi if I have to buy a new one if the cost was not much extra.Here’s the reason:- When cleaning large or difficult old patio areas you have to concentrate the water jet down very fine to really cut through. With higher psi you would be able to keep the water jet further away, so you clean a bigger area quicker.HOWEVER you only do this infrequently, so if cost is important, 1500psi is more than enough.

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