How to Replace a Mitsubishi TV Lamp Yourself

How to Replace a Mitsubishi TV Lamp Yourself


I’m a big fan of not buying stuff that I don’t absolutely need. For instance, if I don’t absolutely and without any reasonable doubt need an electronic device for my home, I just won’t get it. Unlike the rest of the planet, that goes out there on a buying frenzy as soon as the latest, most modern piece of electronic comes out into the market.

Don’t get me wrong, I do like to get newer and better things as much as the next person. However, if the stuff I already have it’s not broken I will definitely avoid the unnecessary expense, all together. Call me frugal, but that’s just the way I’m wired.

Besides owning a Sony Grand Wega TV, I also own a Mitsubishi 3D Home Cinema DLP TV, which I totally love! because for one I’ve had it for a while and it still works perfectly and two, it has an awesome picture quality. But the problem started a few weeks ago, the picture would go dim and then go bright again and it would do it often especially after a being turned on for a while.

So, I knew right away that the Mitsubishi TV lamp was probably going bad, or at least I was hoping that’s what the problem was, because it’s one of the easiest, cheapest issues to fix on the Mitsubishi TVs.

Needles to say, I wasn’t planning on calling a TV repair man so he could charge me upwards of $300.00 to get this fixed, when I can replace the TV’s DLP lamp myself and save a whole lot of money. OK, this is how to do this whole Mitsubishi TV lamp replacement. Don’t be scared, it’s very easy and you can follow this same procedure for almost all the different Mitsubishi DLP TV models.

Before You Replace The TV Lamp Look For This Clear Indications of a burned lamp

  1. The screen will turn black or dark and the colors will show differently
  2. A Flashing lamp indicator on the front of the TV
  3. A popping sound, followed by the darkening of the screen

All those above are clear signs that you need to replace the lamp on your TV. Although these lamps are made to last for about 8,000 hours of use. In some models a message will appear reminding you to replace the lamp.

I’ve included a very helpful video at the end of this tutorial.

Parts You’ll Need to: Replace a Mitsubishi TV Lamp Yourself HHHHHHH

915B455012 Mitsubishi TV Lamp Replacement with Cage Assembly. Mitsubishi Projection TV Lamp with High Quality Osram Neolux Bulb Inside ( Although the following list of compatible models is pretty accurate, make sure you read your TV’s owners manual to ensure you get the right replacement lamp.) This Mitsubishi TV lamp replacement fits the following models:

Part Numbers: 915B455012 lamp, 915B455012 bulb, 915B455A12

Model Numbers: WD-92742, WD-73742, WD-82742, WD-73C12, WD-73642, WD-73842,WD-82C12, WD82642, WD82842,WD92842, WD92A12, WD92742, WD73742, WD82742, WD73C12, WD73642, WD73842, WD82C12, WD82642, WD82842, WD92842, WD92A12

You can also look on the back of the TV for a lamp code sticker to make sure your TV it’s a compatible model.

Tools You’ll Need

  • Philips screwdriver
  • A pair of latex gloves
  • anti-static spray

Mitsubishi recommends wearing gloves when handling this lamps because if you were to touch this TV lamp (and pretty much any bulb) with with your bare hands, the natural oils in our hands can cause the lamp to die out sooner than expected.

The other reason why they recommend wearing gloves, is because this lamp and most of this type of lamps contain Mercury and if you accidentally brake the lamp while installing it, it could potentially cause you harm.

I always recommend spraying your clothes with an anti-static spray before handling this and any TV lamp to avoid static electricity, that can also cause damage to your TV.

Let’s Get to it!

Before we begin. Follow this 3 simple steps for your own safety

  • Turn the TV OFF
  • Unplug the TV
  • Let the TV Cool OFF(For at least an hour)

Step 1

After the TV and lamp have cooled off. Locate the lamp compartment cover on the back of the TV

Mitsubishi TV DLP Lamp Cover

Lamp Compartment Cover









Step 2

Using the screw driver, remove the screws from the cover of the lamp compartment, located on the back of the TV. (Make sure you don’t lose the cover screws. The TV will not operate until the cover is securely in place)

Remove lamp cover screws








Step 3

Once you have removed the cover, You will see another screw. This screw secures the lamp cartridge, you need to loosen this screw.(This is a captive screw, so it won’t come out.)

Remove cartridge screw








Step 4

Grab the cartridge handle and gently pull it straight out, making sure you don’t rotate or tilt the cartridge.

Remove the Cartridge








Step 5

Place the cartridge inside the plastic bag that should have came with your lamp, and close it tightly. (Make sure you don’t touch the lamp itself, just the handle.)

Dispose of the cartridge









Step 6

Making sure you do not touch any of the glass parts on the lamp, insert the new lamp in the same orientation as the old one, and push on the housing until it won’t go any further.

Insert New Cartridge









Step 7

Tighten the captive screw on the lamp cartridge and replace the lamp cartridge cover and also tighten all the screws you removed on step 2. There’s no need to over tighten any of the screws.

Replace Lamp Cover









That’s it. You did it! See, it wasn’t hard at all. Make sure you wash your hands once you’re done replacing the Mitsubishi DLP TV lamp. Enjoy watching your TV with a and crisp and clear picture quality.

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