How to Replace a Sony Grand Wega TV Lamp Yourself

How to Replace a Sony Grand Wega TV Lamp Yourself

Burned out tv lamp
I was laying in my bed one night playing with the thought of going to sleep, however the movie I was watching on my Roku was just too good, I could have turned the TV of and resumed watching it the next day but I was too hooked on it. I had been noticing for some time that the TV screen had been getting dimer and dimer, and I had been noticing a flickering on the screen from time to time as well. But the big question was, why is my Sony Wega so dark?

But I didn’t really think anything of it, but I had this feeling that something wasn’t right, needless to say I did fall asleep. Fast forward to the next day. I wake up in the morning and I looked  at the TV. Not remembering if I had turned it off or not the night before, but the TV was off, I then remembered That I didn’t turn it off. Then I tried turn it back on and it didn’t respond at all.

After asking a few people and researching it online, I came to find out that the light bulb or lamp inside my TV, had blown out, so since the warranty on my  Sony Wega TV had long ran out, I went to the service area of the store where I had bought the TV from to see if I could get a new lamp and replace it myself, like I always try to do.

I always try to pick the cheapest route first, although it doesn’t turn out to be the easiest rout all the time. This people wanted too much money for the replacement lamp!!, and they also offered, (for a very high fee) to have someone come to my house and replace it for me. Heck no!! I could do this myself.

Now you have a choice between getting the whole replacement kit which comes with the bulb and the housing or you can just get the bulb and use the old housing already inside the TV, I chose to replace the whole thing. And this is how I did the whole SONY WEGA TV Lamp Replacement.

(There’s a helpful video on the bottom of this page)

How to Know Your TV Lamp Has Burned Out

  1. The screen will get dark and the colors will look weird
  2. The lamp indicator located on the front of the TV will flash
  3. You might hear a pop sound and the picture will turn dark

The above symptoms are all indications that you need to replace the lamp on your TV. This lamps are designed to last approximately 8,000 hours of use. In some cases the TV will remind you to replace the lamp, by showing a message.

Parts You’ll Need to: Replace a Sony Grand Wega TV Lamp Yourself

Sony XL-2400 Replacement Lamp for Grand WEGA 3LCD Rear Projection HDTV Replacement Lamp
Sony XL-2400 Replacement Lamp for Grand WEGA 3LCD Rear Projection HDTV Replacement Lamp(make sure you read your TV’s owner manual to ensure you get the right replacement lamp.) This replacement lamp fits the following models: KDF-55E2000, KDF-50E2000, KDF-46E2000, KDF-E42A10 and KDF-E50A10 Grand WEGA 3LCD rear projection HDTV.

Tools You’ll Need

  • Philips screwdriver
  • A pair of pliers
  • A pair of latex gloves and make sure you ware lint free clothing (you can spray your clothes with an anti-static spray available at some retail stores, use as directed.)

OK. Lets get to it

Why do you need the gloves and the anti static clothing? for one, the gloves protect the light bulb and housing from getting any oil on them from your hands, this is very important because you don’t want to have your light bulb malfunction or even blow up if any of the oil in your hands get on it and as the bulb heats up it will burn up the oil, the gloves also protect you from getting shocked. As we all know, rubber does not conduct electricity.

The lint free clothing is for static control. When working on any electronic device, is always very important to keep as grounded and/or static free as possible . After you have taken all the necessary precautions to ensure your safety and the proper handling of the replacement part, even though I suggest taking all this precaution measures, the whole process is not hard at all. You can get it done in four easy steps. Well, lets get started.


Step 1

First go ahead and unplug your TV from the power outlet. Make sure you have a clean and clutter free work area. Then get all your tools ready and the lamp out of the box.

OK. You will be replacing the lamp from the front of the TV, however the screws that hold the Sony Wega TV front panel that conceals the lamp inside are located on the back of your TV on each side there will be one screw. You have to get each one of those two screws loosen up.



Step 2

After you get those two screws loose, go back to the front of the TV and pop off the front panel that will be under the TV screen, the Sony logo is right on top of this panel. After you unscrew the screws on the back of the TV, the only thing holding this panel on the front of the TV are a set of magnets and all you have to do to remove the panel is, pull down on the panel.



Step 3

Once you get the front panel off, you’ll see a small metal looking panel (it’s actually an access hatch) and it will have a bar running across it with a screw on the right side of that bar, you have to loosen up that one too, once you get that one loose you can swing the bar out towards yourself.

Then you can grab the side of the metal plate and just slide it right out. Once you remove the access hatch, you’ll see the back of the old lamp, it looks like a squared black box and it has a screw on the left side of it that holds the lamp in place, (It looks similar to the image bellow.) All you do to pull the lamp out is loosen that screw. To get the lamp housing out of there, all you do is grab it on each side and pull it out, you might have to wiggle it out.


Step 4

Once you have the old lamp housing out of the inclosure, all you do is get the Sony lamp replacement in there and just screw all the different screws back in. And That’s it, go ahead and power your TV back up and you should have a nice bright picture now. You might need to adjust the picture settings, but this is not necessary on all the different models.

In just four steps you learned how to replace a burned out lamp in a Sony Wega TV yourself and get your Sony TV looking like new again, it’s very cheap and easy to do. I hope this helps. Go get to watching some TV!!.

Changing a tv lamp yourself
I have another helpful tutorial on how to replace a Mitsubishi TV lamp yourself


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  2. Will says:

    Not to be rude but if you look on the right side of the tv there is a panel you can remove. Once taken off there is a second panel with a twist lock. Once the second panel is removed you can pull up on a loop lock connected to the lamp housing and pull out the burnt bulb/housing. You can then slide the new bulb into the housing and simply reinstall the two panels and your good to go, no tools necessary. I’m not trying to be a jerk or troll or whatever just letting you know there is a simpler way. Can be done in less then 2 mins. Hope I have saved you some time.

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