Medialink Wireless N Router Review

For a very long time I was using, as I used to call my internet service “my community WiFi signal” I’m not proud to admit it, but I was using my neighbors unsecured WiFi signals. It worked just fine for a while, but then some of my good neighbors with the good unsecured WiFi signals either moved out or made their WiFi signals very secured, and that was it for me. I had to get my own signal. So then I started shopping around and surprisingly found a good deal from the local cable company. So I contacted my good ole’ cable company and got into a 2 year internet plan.

I was happy with the service for a while until a lot more people started moving into my building complex and as expected, they had wireless internet service as well. I started having issues with my wireless internet connection, it would disconnect frequently or the mbps would drop unexpectedly. Needless to say I was no longer happy.

I contacted them and they first tried fixing the problem remotely, that didn’t work, then they sent a technician to try to fix my problem personally, and that didn’t work. On my part I tried everything and anything I could do to try and fix my problem. I was tired and frustrated at this point. Then I found out that not all wireless routers are created equal. So after a lot of research I found out that by changing the wireless N router you can sometimes fix connection problems.

Therefore I contacted my internet company and asked whether I could get my own wireless router, and after a little hesitation they said yes, as long as I gave them the specifications to the router, so they could link it to my account so that it could work properly. I did what I always do and I Googled it and found this Medialink Wireless N Router – 802.11n – 150 Mbps – 2.4 Ghz – NEW Design w/ Internal Antenna.

At first I was hesitant about it, because I had never heard of the brand, but the price Medialink Wireless N Routerwas right. The router’s specifications were easy to find on the side and the back of the router. I plugged it in, did the initial setup, and presto, it started communicating with my laptop right away. All I need it to do next, was do the setup on my Roku, I was happyyyyy!! with it. Now lets get into the skinnie about this thing. The Pros and Cons, on the Medialink Router – 802.11n – 150 Mbps – 2.4 Ghz – NEW Design w/ Internal Antenna. Overall, I think it was a great buy and I give it thumbs up.

The Pros

This router looks super cool! it’s very easy to configure, When I did the initial setup I did a power cycle, which means powering off computer and router and turning them back on in the reverse of that order, allowing computer to complete their power-up initializations before turning on the router, not using the reset button on the back or the front of the router. And…… presto, it worked. I then logged into the web interface and set up the Wifi security, grabbed my laptop to connected it to it and that was it.

The Medialink wireless N router is great for someone like myself, it’s fast and has great coverage. The web interface is very nicely laid out and there are a ton of features. My friend’s iPhones and iPads, my Android tablet, desktop, server, my smartphone, laptop, Nintendo Wii and everything else work perfectly on the same network without having to screw around with WiFi settings or reset the router. As for the router itself, I checked my internet speed and it has improved greatly over the Motorola G router I got from the cable company.

The customer service is great, and their customer service is based in the USA, which to me is great. It’s sad to me that the over priced, not so reliable routers are so popular in these days. Even though it has a lot of lights, they’re not too bright and annoying. It has a very stylish and modern design, so it doesn’t contradict with the decor in my apartment.


The Cons

One of the negatives I could find is that the tech support line isn’t available 24 hours.

No Gig ports, the cat5 cable included with the router could be a little longer.

I was extremely tired of the overpriced  pieces of crap routers I had to deal with before. That’s why I give this this medialink wireless N router, 20 stars!! I can stay connected to my network and write my reviews, and watch movies on my Roku. So I’m happy! And you can’t go wrong at $49.99 Great  wireless N router for a great price.


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3 Responses to Medialink Wireless N Router Review

  1. Tio says:

    (Electronics) I purchased this eutorr for 2 specific reasons. First and foremost, I wanted the Storage Link function in order to add a quick and easy substitute for a separate home server or NAS box. Second, I wanted to upgrade from my current wireless G eutorr to N. This eutorr worked fine as a eutorr. The network was easy to configure and both of the laptops we use in my home connected without issue. Both machines run Vista Home Premium. The eutorr did, for some reason, cause our laptops to have problems accessing our D-Link wireless print server. Both laptops had accessed the server flawlessly for months prior to swapping out my old eutorr, but now Vista on both machines had recognition problems with the print server, sometimes seeing it on the network, sometimes not. The Storage Link function was hot mess from the start. I attached a 500G external drive with NTFS formatting (supported, according to the Linksys info), but it wouldn’t show up on the network from either laptop or when I logged into the eutorr config portal. On occasion, the hard drive would show, but I was unable to access it. I spent hours researching the Web, trying to find any answers as to what the problem was and how to fix it. I found lots of posts about the problem, but just about every one had a different suggested fix and none of them worked. I called Linksys support, spent 2.5 hours on the phone with Tier II technical support and was finally told that they couldn’t help me unless I got an XP machine to diagnose the problem. I was given a ticket number and told to call back if I needed more help. Of course, I didn’t call back. I returned the eutorr to Amazon that day. I have always used D-Link and NetGear products in the past. This was my first, and most likely my last, experience with Linksys. I would have given 1 star, but as a eutorr this worked fine. The Storage Link, which is a secondary function(but the more important one to me) is what drove the rating down so low.

  2. says:

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