The Best Price For The Microsoft Surface Tablet

This one here is not your typical product review, it’s actually a recommendation. See I got the The Surface With Windows RT  Microsoft outdid themselves with this one. Now, here comes the good part and the reason why I’m writing about it. Most people like myself will immediately go to to get the Microsoft Don't brake the bank to buy the new Microsoft Surface.Surface Tablet, thinking that’s where they’ll find the best price, well that’s WRONG!!.. Amazon, really, really dropped the ball on this one. You can find the Windows Surface for a way better price at the The Microsoft Store. See when I first started looking to get the Microsoft Surface Tablet, I looked around at a few different places and compared, and Microsoft came on top because they are selling the 32 GB Surface, for $499.00 (The Tablet Only, No Touch Cover).

But you can get the 32 GB Surface Tablet and the Touch Cover for $599.00, but wait!!.. You’re probably thinking. That’s very close to the $600.00 price tag at, last time I checked. And I’m here to show you the difference, see the Surface you’ll get from the sellers at Amazon, doesn’t include the Touch Cover, you’ll have to buy that separately, meaning that you will more than likely have to pay for shipping costs on both items which will bring the price tag to around $755.92 (This is only my own personal estimate. Amazon and their sellers might change the prices.) 

But if you get the Surface straight from the Microsoft Store, you can get the whole enchilada. The 32 GB Surface tablet with the Touch Cover (which in my opinion deserves a review on it’s own.)  for $599.00 with standard  free shipping. 3-7 days excluding weekends and holidays. That’s where you’ll find the best price for the Microsoft Surface Tablet. Don’t get me wrong,  I love buying from, because I can always find the best prices on just about anything and that’s why I often recommend the prices at Amazon. However, I really don’t know why is allowing the sellers to jack up the price on this item so much.

Now lets get into the good stuff, the features. The Surface is very well made, it looks very elegant but when you actually hold it in your hands you can immediately notice that it’s also made very tough, it weights  less than 1.5 pounds (without the Touch Cover, the keypad). The owners manual tells you that the Surface is made out of  Magnesium with this technology Microsoft developed called: VaporMg and that gives it a very smooth feel, sharp look and makes it durable.

You’ll feel it when you first hold the The Microsoft Surface, it’s got this very soft, smooth and light feel to it and it also feels a bit warmer to the touch, even after the device has been turned off for a while. It kind of makes you forget that you’re holding a tablet and it makes it feel like you’re holding a leather hard covered book. The kickstand on the back of the Surface it’s very convenient because I can use it when I let the kids watch movies on the Surface tablet and I also shoot a lot of videos.

I can just set it where I want to take the shot from and start shooting the video, the kickstand makes the tablet very stable. I wish other tablet makers like Apple would have though about integrating a kickstand to their tablets, but they didn’t and that’s one of the many reasons why I’m recommending the Microsoft Surface Tablet.

The next feature I love is that you can add a microSDXC  card slot and you can add up to 64 GB of extra storage, you can turn this thing into a 64 GB tablet easily. It’s got Bluetooth connectivity and a full-size USB port, with that you can do a lot of stuff. I use the Bluetooth 4.0 feature on the Microsoft Surface 2.0 to watch the videos I make right on my smart TV, without having to plug a whole bunch of cords to it and I can just sit on my lazy boy and control the video from my Windows Surface comfortably with totally clutter-free connections.

It also has wireless mice and headsets. It comes equipped with a Dual 2×2 MIMO antennas and that keeps the Microsoft Surface Tablet always connected to the internet, and that it does marvelously (not my experience with other tablets I’ve worked with). icon It comes with front and rear-facing 720p HD video cameras. LifeCam is one of the coolest features on the Microsoft Surface Tablet, the rear camera is angled to shoot straight ahead when the Kickstand is flipped out. The Kickstand also lets you do Skype video chat or recording completely hands-free.

It’s got a custom lens design and the ambient light sensor maximizes light intake while it gives the video or picture your shooting tremendously sharp focus, so I’m able to take that shot anytime and anywhere I want. The Touch Cover works as a protective cover for the Surfaces touch area but it also works as a touchpad (or keyboard).

The Touch Cover clicks into the Surface very quickly, and it has a sleek, spill-resistant exterior for when you’re working. When you folded back, the Touch Cover automatically disables keystrokes for a full touchscreen experience; when closed, it turns off your display. You can give the Microsoft Surface Tablet your own personal touch with  5 different colors to choose from. Cyan, Red, Magenta, Black and White (I got the black one).

You can also choose the Surface Type Cover, if you want to do more and be more productive, you should get the Type Cover because it’s a dual keyboard cover that lets you work the way you’re used to working when on a normal laptop or desktop PC. With a full row of function keys, Type Cover fuses the comfort, usability and speed of a traditional keyboard with an incredibly thin form factor so you can be productive anywhere, anytime.

The Type Cover costs a bit more and it’s optional, I got both the Touch Cover and the Type Cover. I use the Type cover while working from home and the Touch Cover when I take the Microsoft Surface Tablet with me when I go somewhere where I’ll be working with the Microsoft Surface 2.0, and I want to have a cool cover on there. The Surface comes with Windows RT of course, that’s the operating system. Windows RT is a new version of Microsoft Windows that’s built to run on ARM-based tablets and PCs. They did keep the whole Windows desktop concept and put it in the Windows RT, which at times I find it to be a bit sluggish.

It works exclusively with apps available in the Windows Store (which to me, it’s a little bit of a draw back). Windows 8 Pro runs current Windows 7 desktop applications. And of course It uses the programs and apps available in the Windows Black Touch Cover For The SurfaceStore only. The Surface with Windows RT comes installed with Microsoft Office Home and Student 2013 RT Preview 2 . Windows 8 Pro supports the full Office suit. It can run Outlook, Word, SharePoint Designer, PowerPoint and more. Windows 8 Pro can run all of the applications that you’ve used on previous version of Windows. Windows RT runs Microsoft Office Home and Student 2013 RT Preview 2, (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote); Windows 8 runs Windows Mail and Messaging; SkyDrive; Internet Explorer 10; Bing; Xbox Music, Video, and Games.

As you can see, with this thing you’ll have everything from your PC, but in a lighter,  cooler, very much portable version. As far a security goes,.. Oh yes Microsoft took care of that too. The Surface With Windows RT , comes with device encryption and Windows Defender. Windows 8 Pro provides enhanced networking and IT management. Surface with Windows 8 Pro is secured with BitLocker drive encryption, use Remote Desktop, Active Directory, and Client Hyper-V. Compatible with third party applications.

And the Surface comes with a guaranteed one-year limited warranty. You can also add the  $99.00, which will give your Surface an extra 2-year extended warranty and technical support service.  For all those reasons, I give this tablet thumbs up.



Quality built. The VaporMg finish absolutely feels and looks very elegant, and this tablet feels awesome in the hands. You would have to touch the aluminum used on the Apple iPad, to actually compare it to the slightly softer, warmer finish you’ll get form the Microsoft Surface Tablet. The kickstand feels like it was designed to be similar to the doors on a Mercedes Benz. When I snap it shut, I hear an awesome and very convincing click, the kickstand never swings open on its own and it folds open in a smooth, easy move.



One of the drawbacks for many is that the Surface RT comes with a screen with just 1368x768px resolution, which doesn’t stand up to many high end Android tablets, which normally come with Full HD screens at 1920x1080px, and the new Nexus 10 with the Retina-crushing 2560×1600px) and of course, Apple’s own Retina iPads  at an marvelous 2,048×1,536px). However in my experience, after around 720p the benefits of a higher resolution video or image disintegrates very fast on a tablet.

After using the Microsoft Surface Tablet for about a month, and needless to say, I’ve been putting a lot of miles on this thing. I’ve noticed that the Microsoft logo on the Kickstand is wearing off rather quickly.

It only works with apps from the Windows App Store, it will not let you get apps from Apple or Android. At the Microsoft app store, you will not (at least not right now) find a big variety of apps to choose from. Microsoft has to do something about that, if they intend to keep people happy with this new tablet for much longer.

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