The Best Scooter For Kids Or Adults – Super Turbo 800watt Elite 36v Electric Scooter

The Best Scooter For Kids Or Adults – Super Turbo 800watt Elite 36v Electric Scooter


This one I should have gotten for myself, but I didn’t. I got this one for my 14 year old

nephew and we both loved it, it’s the Super Turbo 800watt Elite 36v Electric Scooter. This thing is awesome!! I think I like it more than he does. I got it for his birthday in July. It was very easy to put together and start riding. This thing can go from Zero to 30mph in about 10 seconds. For this and so many other reasons, I believe some other people are calling it the “Porsche” of scooters. The Super Turbo 800-Elite comes with a 90 day bumper-to-bumper manufacturer’s parts warranty and an additional 1 year warranty on the motor.

Which to me, is always a plus when looking to buy a medium-high end product. However, the warranty covers factory defects and defaults only. They do provide you with free parts if you have any defects. They also give free lifetime tech support over the phone. Now another plus, was that this scooter is more powerful than any 1,000 Watt scooter on the market because the motor is a true 800 Watt motor. The Super Turbo 800watt Elite 36v Electric Scooter , uses deep cell lead acid batteries for an even longer run time per charge.

They guarantee these batteries hold a charge longer than any other lead acid battery electric scooteravailable. When it came time for me to get these electric scooter kids, I wanted to put all the features to the test before I handed it over to my nephew. And I did, and after test driving it this is what it’s got. It has a solid and very sturdy frame made of steel. It comes with 3 12 v 12 a “Deep Cell” batteries making one powerful 36v battery pack. I love the fact that It’s got a turn key ignition chain drive. That kept me riding for distances of up to 18 miles per charge.  I weigh roughly around 170 LB. And me and a friend that weighs 220 LB were able to ride it with not much slack on the 800 watt motor. It comes with a Front Swinger Mono Shock, Dual Rear Shocks, It was very easy to fold down and throw in the trunk of my car.

Another feature I enjoyed on this kids electric scooter is that, it’s got extra wide tires super turbo 800watt electric scooterbecause I was able to nicely ride on asphalt, concrete, rocks, grass and gravel.  It’s got twist throttle with turbo/econo mode button, and the front and rear disc brakes, worked just, fine. I’m writing this after four months of buying the Super Turbo 800 and I rode it again last weekend and it seemed like it was still working fine, and my nephew has been giving it a lot of use, he takes it to his friends house two blocks down from where he lives in Florida and he also takes it to a few other places with his friends. After seeing first hand what this little electric motor scooter can do, I have to say I have bought other recreational vehicles for my other nephew, but so far this is the best electric scooter for kids or adults, and it’s well worth your money. I give it thumbs up.

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I was very much impressed with the throttle on the Super Turbo 800, , because you can go from a very much slow speed, to to a bit faster slow speed, to a middle speed, to a fast speed, to top speed and it’ll make all those different speed transitions all very gradually, or from zero to 30 mph in around 10 seconds.

The smaller wider tires on this scooter, gives it a lot of stability especially at the slower speeds, it feels very smooth and makes it feel like you’re riding a bigger motorcycle.

My nephew always carries an extra battery pack, his dad got for him and he always takes the extra pack so that his sure to get home. So far he hasn’t run out of battery juice and he has taking it just about everywhere around the town where he lives. He’s taken it for in town commutes, light off-road, and cruising the neighborhood.

Their customer service if you ever need it is awesome, they actually have a live person to answer you questions, problems and concerns. My sister spoke to Chris that one time and he was very helpful, and the issue they noticed about a month ago with the scooter was actually with one of the battery packs, but it was a quick fix, one of the chargers had a faulty wire in the plug so it wasn’t charging the battery pack properly. They got a new charger from Chris, very fast. And haven’t had any more issues when charging the battery packs after that.

The Super Turbo 800watt Elite I bought, was from Amazon, but the seller is the same seller you’ll get if you buy it through the Super Cycles and Scooters website.


This thing is pretty fast on flat surfaces but we live in Georgia so some hills are pretty steep. So when I bought it before giving it to my nephew I did try to go up some medium incline uphills and it did OK, but not awesome, however when I rode it on other flat areas, it did great. There is an available hill kit but it will reduce your speed on the flat surfaces. My sister and her family live in Florida, therefore my nephew always rides it on very much flat surfaces I would say the majority of the time he rides it, and he hasn’t had any trouble with the Super Turbo 800 there.

They haven’t been able to mount a basket to it so that my nephew can sit his helmet inside it while he’s not wearing it, or he also wanted to see if he could carry some of the remote controlled helicopter kits that he also likes to carry around town, when he goes fly them at a near by park.

I’ve read a few other negative reviews about the scooter, however the stuff they where talking about sounds like something that could have been solved with a call to their customer service number.


What Others Are Saying


Follow-up Review: Pros & Cons of 800 and 1000, April 13, 2011
AC Florida (Florida, USA)
This review is from: Super Turbo 800watt Elite 36v Electric Scooter “Black” (Now includes Econo/Turbo mode button!) (Misc.)

Lots to say about this great scooter but will make it brief. I am a huge electric scooter enthusiast – 14 months ago I bought four of the Ezip 750s (my review is also here on Amazon), and generally like them very much. Then I read the reviews of the Super 800, learned about what goes into them, and decided I really wanted this “Porsche” of scooters. Unfortunately I live in the USA seasonally, and last winter they were completely sold out. When I got back to the states this January, I was very bummed to learn they were again sold out and would not have them in until April. I waited and was patient, and am glad I did! First of all – need to mention that I purchased one of the Turbo 800s, and one of the limited edition Turbo 1000s. All I can say is…. Click Here To Read The Full Review.

This Thing Will Turn Heads, August 4, 2010
Hey Apples
This review is from: Super Turbo 800watt Elite 36v Electric Scooter “Black” (Now includes Econo/Turbo mode button!) (Misc.)

Everywhere I drive this thing, it gets noticed. People stop and wave and stare in amazement. It’s no wonder… this scooter is fast, agile, attractive, and insanely useful. Forget all the cheaply built Chinese junk out there, this thing is built to last. Solid construction. It is not a toy scooter, it is a personal travel vehicle in its own right, suitable for everything from commuting to errands. With my weight and the high battery capacity, I can do a round trip anywhere within an 8 mile radius, no problem. And it doesn’t dribble along at 10 mph, it screams at a good 20 to 25 mph. The only weakness is….. Click Here To Read The Full Review.


FAST!!!, July 10, 2010
QZephyr (Iowa)
This review is from: Super Turbo 800watt Elite 36v Electric Scooter “Black” (Now includes Econo/Turbo mode button!) (Misc.)

My wife and I received these scooters for our camping trips. They are very well built, much better than the Xtreme 600. The headlight is very bright and helps you see imperfections in the road at night. This is important. Why? Because they’re FAST! I almost flew off the back on my first ride because I was standing. I asked someone to clock me on the flat and I was going…. Click Here To Read The Full Review.

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